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Thread: Taking Care of a Premature Baby

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    Taking Care of a Premature Baby

    What precautions should be kept in mind when bringing a premature child at home? What specialized care is needed for a premature baby? How to travel with a premature baby?
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    Premature babies are very delicate and sensitive. As they are born before time, so they are unable to adjust to the outside environment as the normal babies do. Premature babies require special care. They need to be kept away from too many people or visitors as this can lead to infections. As their immunity is very low, utmost hygiene is to be maintained while handling them. Special care should be given to washing hands before handling them. similarly for feeding also hygiene is to be mainatained

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    Premature babies have respiratory problems so they need extra care. While bringing a premature baby home, it is important to ensure that the travel time is short so that the baby does not have respiratory issues. Breastfeeding will help in promoting health in such babies but preemie might have difficulty in suckling. In such cases, breast milk can be expressed and fed.

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    We will suggest you that the baby should be in clean environment and somebody should always be their for the baby, if you feel any different symptom in baby then you should consult quickly with your doctor.

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