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Thread: 10 Steps to Teach Good Manners to Your Child

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    10 Steps to Teach Good Manners to Your Child

    How to encourage good manners in kids? At what age are kids ready to learn good manners? Which basic manners should all kids follow?
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    Children learn best by example. When children observe good manners around them, they tend to imbibe this and thus have good manners. Being a role model helps in teaching good manners. If you show respect to others, your children will do the same. If you listen to others then so will your children. The basics of good manners are 5 magic words that a child must learn from a young age. These magic words are Sorry, please, thank you, Excuse me and May I.

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    As a parent we must do what we expect from our kids. If we behave in a proper manner, then so will the kids be. We must praise positive behaviour as this encourage good behaviour in the long run. By practicing, kids learn good manners easily. Continuously guiding them when wrong without nagging helps the kids to behave good.

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