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Thread: The 20 Best Snacks Ideas for Kids

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    The 20 Best Snacks Ideas for Kids

    Which are the healthy snacking options for kids? Which Indian snacks are unhealthy for kids? How to make interesting snacks for kids?
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    Kids are active so they need something from time to time. Having light snacks gives them energy and they feel energetic. It sometimes becomes very difficult to think ideas for snacks. I try to make snacks healthy. I give my kid fruit salad in between meals as it is light and very healthy. Sometime I make light snacks such as sandwiches and rolls. Fruit custard is also liked by my kids very much and it is healthy also.

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    Hi, when it comes to preparing snacks for the children parents face a hard time thinking about what to make and whether the child will eat it or not. All the moms seem to get confused as in what to make which is tasty as well as tasty. I have also been through this situation and to find a solution I looked out for recipes on the internet which the children could eat happily. There are several recipes which you can make at home for your children. The only thing a mom requires is time and proper dedication to prepare tasty lunch or snack for the kids.

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    Hi, I would like to suggest you a very simple recipe and which tasty as well. You can try making aloo kulcha which are easy to make and delicious and I am pretty sure that your child will love it. These aloo kulcha’s are very crisp and crunchy and at the same time you can also get the stuffed potato filled within the crisp layers of the kulcha. You can make the potato filling tasty by adding masala and cheese and the stuff it in the kulcha and then cook it by applying some oil or butter. Serve it hot with some chutney or curs or ketchup as the way your child likes it.

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    Hi, you can also make the very easy yet delicious vegetable parathas. You can make easily and is not that time consuming like some other dishes. You can boil the vegetables you want to add in the paratha like carrots, beet root, French beans, peas, potatoes or any other vegetable. You can also steam these vegetables and then mash it together and add some chilly powder, salt, ginger garlic paste, chat masala and then as you make rotis stuff the filling in it and then cook it with oil or ghee and serve it hot with chutney or ketchup or even curd is a good idea.

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    Hello, everyone has heard about theplas and also know that how amazingly tasty they are and even the children like it because they do not taste the vegetables in it. I have been giving my children theplas for breakfast, their school lunch and sometimes even for dinner. The health quotient of the theplas are about 100 % and they are also quite filling and not too heavy for the children. Methitheplas are the common theplas eaten everywhere but you can also prepare laukitheplas or bottle gourd theplas as another option so that, that way atleast your child will eat those vegetables.

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    Children today love more of pizza, pasta and sandwich and they do not like anything prepared at home and also complain that it does not taste like things which he had eaten outside. You can try making some grilled sandwiches, they are healthy as well as yummy and the kids love it. These are really easy and quick to make, you can add potato, cucumber, carrots, beet roots, and capsicum and onions in it. Add some mint chutney and butter and then grill it. If your child likes cheese, then you can also add it and grill it until the cheese melts and then serve it with tomato ketchup.

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    A healthier option and light to the stomach of the children are the vegetable uttapam. This is one filling healthy snack option and the children love to eat it and it takes hardly take 10 minutes to prepare these and it also makes sure that your child is eating all the vegetables. This is filling and the children will stay full till a long time but is not very heavy. When you put different vegetables the uttapam looks colorful and appealing to the children and they feel like eating it. I am sure this dish you will try and your kids will love it.

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    Hi, you can also try poha is a Maharashtrian dish and can be made in almost 15 – 20 minutes of time. It will keep your child feeling full for at least 2- 3 hours and he or she will like it a lot as well. You can even make vegetable idli and preparation of idli can be done beforehand and so you do not have to rush to make something filling for your child when he or she is hungry. To give the same idli a different look and better approach, add different types of vegetables that are finely chopped to the batter before steaming the idlis.

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