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Thread: want to have a baby soon

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    want to have a baby soon

    I want to know that after stopping birth control pills how long it will take for me to get pregnant? I want to have a baby now and have stopped birth control pill two months back.

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    Hi, First go for preconception counselling in any of the fertility centre, that is the best suggestion before u go for conceiving. since u had taken birth control pills for long period u can consult the doctor and get the advice and with her guidance u can proceed further. I had done the same before trying to conceive. I am from Chennai, so i got to know that Dr. Samundi is giving this counselling, I got all the check ups and followed her tips and got the good results.

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    Yes Good advice Sulekha, Preconception counseling is the must to the women who is going to start a family. It helps us to decide when to start family and the right to conceive, so that to avoid the complications arising. I have also undergone the same and also gone through antenatal screening when i am in my 8th month of pregnancy. when the doctor confirmed everything is fine. i was So happy to get my dream healthy baby now.

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    what is better.. Birth control pills, or contraceptive devices? Have any of ul suffered from any side-effects or had trouble getting pregnant because of pills?

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    Get the doctor suggestion what ever it is, That will be the best advise for u. Because i had postponed my pregnancy for 3 years after my marriage, Taken different kinds of contraceptives pills, After 3 years when i was trying to conceive it did not work out for another 2 years.
    Taking contraceptive pills without doctors advise is the biggest mistake i had done in my life, for which i had suffered a lot and lost the opportunity of conceiving my of own naturally.
    Only through ivf treatment i was able to conceive. when i went for the treatment in a fertility centre in Chennai, there the doctor samundi mam shouted on me for taking my own treatment in postponing the pregnancy. Finally after many struggles i got the treatment under her, and gods grace i got my wished child. From then i am advising all my friends, relatives about the contraceptives.
    Better get the doctors advise friend.

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