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Thread: Case Study of 32 years old housewife – suffering from Depression, sleep disorder, mood swinging, physical weakness

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    Case Study of 32 years old housewife – suffering from Depression, sleep disorder, mood swinging, physical weakness

    This is one of the treatment cases at Ancient Science, before putting up the case let me clarify, Ancient Science does not do any healing or do the treatment, we merely work as a catalyst between patient and the divine healer, the patient reaches to our center, when their punishment gets over and blessed by god for treatment.
    Writing case studies always good for other people to know where they have blockages and how they can get rid of it, Lakshmi (name changed) came to ancient science, she was very weak and appearance itself comes up with no power, she had pale (yellow) face, unable to speak, sleep disorder, mood swinging, indigestion, very less intake of food, unable to work continuously, no social life, left the husband home since he was abusive and used to beat her, overall it can be described she was into very bad shape of her life, she was under medication by one of the psychiatrist for quite long, however her situation has been deteriorated. When we study her energy got to know that she had a very high impact of Muladhara, swadisthana and manipura was badly affected.
    After few days of her treatment she started recovering well, however she was getting no energy mainly because she was abandoned child, her mother died when she was 3 years old, and her father left her to her Aunt house, she grew up in very protective atmosphere, however her Aunt & uncle (mother & father) raised her very softly, they never ever made her in-charge of anything, whenever she did the mistake they always ignored it saying that she is without mother child, in nut shell she was away from her inner power, she grew up as merciful girl.

    Ancient Science – Lakshmi was mainly suffering from her childhood, she was not getting the energy from root chakra and further there was no supply of the energy up & her husband also used to beat her, she lost all the power and become self- centered totally in depressed state of her mind,body and soul Ancient science did her healing through chakra and balances her energy finally, pumped back the energy, with the blessings of universal life force energy she came out from her problems.

    The Last 10 days of healing session in ANCIENT SCIENCE has changed me drastically, I came here when I was very depressed. I had sleeping disorder. I had no energy and lots of problems like breathing problem, physical weakness, mood swings etc. Thanks to Mr. Praveen. I am almost out from my drawbacks. I can sleep well & my breathing has improved and my physical weakness has reduced to a certain level. I feel more energetic.
    lakshmi (name changed)

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    Really a good one!!! It's true as I am also firm believer in root chakra. If we are not confident then we will always have low confidence and self esteem and this affects our daily life. Depression is a common manifestation of low confidence. When the root chakra is activated, the energies flow smoothly in the body and this helps in overcoming problems.

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    Wow! Very good...Really feels good to know about this. I would like to know more about this. How can healing be done with chakras and where can I get this done.

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