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Thread: Help me have a baby

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    Help me have a baby

    i have been trying for a baby since last three years but could not succeed. I and my husband had all the tests done and the reports were normal. What is the cause of infertility is a mystery to me? What should I do? I desperately want a baby.

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    Infertility Problems and solutions

    Hi Friend,

    Infertility is the major problem today all couple are facing. It occurs due to various reasons. The life style the food habits and stress at work place all this will be the reasons fort the infertility. Some couple are concentrating more on the professional life and delaying conceive some time later in the life. This is the main problem which leads to infertility and problems in conceiving in most of the women.

    The consumption of alcohol and smoking is the another cause of infertility in men and women. All this together plays an serious role leading to infertility. Everyone should be able to know how to strike a work life balance. This is the serious topic for today's trend. Current trend should question themselves that We have a great career, great life style and great achievement in life but what about the great fertility..?

    All the best...


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    Thanks Sakshi

    Hi Sakshi, thank you very much for posting such a nice reply...your comment will definitely give hope to lot of infertile couples.

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    Ya good post sakshi. good advises from you. it reflects my life as well, since i had also suffered from infertility problem and struggled to conceive for about 4 years. But then when i approached a fertility centre in Chennai for the treatment, Then the doctor got the history of me and my husband. like the life style, food habits and professional life. My husband is an alcoholic and smoker and i had very stressful life in my work.
    Then, the doctor samundi mam said that this are the major causes for ur infertility problems. Then i came to know that how our life style and food habits, even my profession also affected my pregnancy and made me difficult to conceive normally.
    Finally through ivf procedure only i had to conceive in the same hospital. I am blessed now with my baby..

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    Hi all i am new to this thread. i can find lots of information in this forum about women's problems and the infertility issues. good.. keep it up friends. I need information about infertility problem and the issues women face in conceiving. i dont know about myself. i am married woman and trying to conceive for nearly 2 years. met many doctors all said that i am completely fine. my husband had also undergone tests. and been said that sperm was little low. but its not a big problem. taking some medicines. pls advise friends, do i have to consult a good infertility specialist.

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    hi rai,

    if your doctor has said tht its not a big problem and he has prescribed medicines for your husband, i dont think u need to consult an infertility specialist so soon.

    wait for a while and see if your husband's sperm count goes up.. in the meantime look up best ways to get pregnant..use an ovulation calendar..indiaparenting has one..http://www.indiaparenting.com/preco/...on/index.shtml and keep trying.. if it doesnt get better after 6 months or so, then go consult one..

    all the best!

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    Wish u all the best!

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    I think that you should take sperm from any donor. Sometimes the test is found OK as per medical reports but they are so thin that they are not able to produce the contact with the egg in the mothers womb.

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    Hi thanks for the concern, but i don't like going for an sperm Donor. because the quality of my husbands sperm is good, Recently, i met Dr.Samundi at srushti hospital in Chennai, she advised me for the IUI. so, i am waiting for the date for my IUI. I hope i will get success, because the doctor is good, and treatment is appropriate. My husbands sperm quality is also improved. hoping for the best.

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    Dear Vandana,

    I am sailing in the same boat. Trying for a baby for more than 3yrs, visited few doctors for consultation and detected PCOD! Mostly the doctors suggest a stress free life and change in lifestyle. My problem is I keep on moving from one city to another due to my husbands work so have never followed up with a single doctor. Now as clock is ticking I am more worried with my conditions! I am looking out for some good fertility experts in Kolkata.

    Please don't wait and consult with a doctor immediately, sometimes the solutions are simple....just go n meet a good doc

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    Hi u can try moloch and hospital, Delhi,they have doctor from AIIMS providing treatment

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