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Thread: Health Benefits of Papaya for Kids

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    Health Benefits of Papaya for Kids

    How to include papaya in the diet of kids? Which diseases can be prevented in kids if they consume papaya? What can happen if kids over-eat papaya?
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    Papaya is a good source of vitamin A and it helps keep the eyesight of kids in good condition. Kids should have this fruit as it will keep their vision healthy. Papaya has also a lot of fiber that aids in good bowel movement thus keeping the digestive system in good condition. It helps in cleansing the body. Kids seldom love to eat papaya so the best way to give them is in form of a smoothie or as a fruit salad. By using colourful fruits, the salad can be made tempting for the kids.

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    If kids take papaya in right amounts, then it is beneficial for them. It regulates bowel movement, keeps skin clear and prevents stomach ache. It provides many nutrients to the body if taken in proper amounts. Excessive of papaya is not good for health especially for small kids. Very small kids should not be given more than 2-3 slices of this fruit. The latex of papaya is a cause of allergic reaction and too much may cause stomach aches.
    So a healthy mix of all fruits is the best way to include fruits in the diet of kids

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