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Thread: Getting Divorce without problem

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    Unhappy Getting Divorce without problem


    I am 29 year old Male from Gujarat. My wife is pregnant but since last few month I am in love with someone else. She is not married. We both wants to get married. But I am worried about my parents and wife. If I five divorce directly, people will start talking about me in our society and it would become difficult to live in for my parents. For my wife, as she is pregnant, I am worried what will see do after divorce. For me I can leave without girl I love. I am sure I won't be able to leave happily without her with my family. Main issue is that I am worried about my wife, for my parents we can manage the difficulties we my have in our society that is not that big off problem. I am australian citizen, we can shift to the australia but I am just worried, what will happen to my wife, who will take care of it for rest of her life and what will happen to our child.

    Please help... any suggestion would be appreciated.


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    Please don't get divorced for the sake of your child. Divorce of parents is very traumatic for kids. And also if your wife is faithful to you why are you planning to separate?

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    When you know the problems your so called action will have on your family, then why are you going for that. You are concerned about your wife since she is pregnant, that means you care a lot for her and also love her. You are equally concerned about your unborn child. I feel you should not have fallen in love at this stage and should have ended the affair when you first felt the pangs.
    Now the situation is bit difficult as your wife will not be able to lead a normal life after her divorce and without her fault. You should really think over this matter again before taking the final decision.
    I am sure the decision to be with your wife will not be regretted by you later.

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