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Thread: Games to Boost Child's IQ

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    Games to Boost Child's IQ

    How to improve the brain power of kids? Why is it necessary to encourage kids to play certain indoor games? Which activities can help to boost IQ of kids?
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    Playing outdoors helps in brain development as the child is exposed to new adventures and many new thing. This also helps the kid to become better learner. Such kids also have an active imagination. They are smarter so playing outdoors is a great brain booster along with healthy diet and brain boosting foods. Indoor games such as puzzles, scrabble and crossword also help in boosting brain. Memory game is also very good for brain.

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    Kids need to be encouraged to play indoor games as they help in boosting logical thinking and in improving reasoning skills. Strategic Games help in boosting brain and help are helpful in future. Chess is a very good game for kids. It improves mental agility. Similarly other board games are also beneficial for kids. Indoor games are a way of healthy competitions. They teach the team spirit.

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    Both outdoor and indoor games are important for kids' overall development. Outdoor games are required for physical development, whereas indoor games are for brain development. Indoor games not only helps in improving children's ability to think creatively but also prepare the for pre-school. There are many indoor educational games for kids like counting, alphabets identification, painting which can be found in nearby stores or online like according to their age. Also indoor games helps parents to identify their kid's interest and talent. Here is the link for
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