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Thread: Quick and Nutritious Breakfast Recipes for Kids

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    Quick and Nutritious Breakfast Recipes for Kids

    Which are the best easy-to-make and healthy breakfast recipes for kids? How to encourage kids to finish their breakfast without making any fuss? What mistakes do mothers make while making breakfast for kids?
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    As kids need healthy breakfast so I try to make interesting breakfast each day so that they enjoy it without making a fuss. I try to experiment with different foods and the one which kids like, I try to incorporate them more. Last Sunday, I made mini oat dosas and my kids were really happy to see small sized dosas and they finished it off quickly. Needless to say, I was very happy. I also make desi pizza which is actually a healthier and Indianized version of pizza. I make it with rava paste and put in a lot of vegetables and cheese. My kids simply love it. With breakfast, I also try to include a smoothie so that they get complete nutrition and energy throughout the day.

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    A healthy sandwich which has a healthy filling is a nutritious breakfast for kids. If whole wheat or multi-grain bread is used, then this becomes more nutritious. I try to make sandwiches with different fillings so that kids get the whole nutrition. Even Indian breakfast items such as idli with chutney or masala dosa is healthy for kids. They provide sufficient carbohydrates which provide energy throughout the day. Wheat pav and bhaji is one of the best breakfast recipe as the bhaji is very nutritious.

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    Hi, children are too fussy and choosy when it comes to eating things. Children hate eating healthy food which is actually required by them and also do not want to eat the same breakfast every day. Parents have a hard time thinking what to make every day which is nutritious as well as appealing to the eyes. There are several nutritious recipes available for the kids to make during their breakfast time. You can try different recipes each day so that children do not get bored of eating same thing every day in their breakfast.

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    Hi, breakfast is really important before the child goes to school as it helps the child to get the proper nutrition required. When the child does not eat breakfast in the morning and goes to school empty stomach he will tend to get hungry and will not be able to focus on the studies what is been taught in the school. your child's performance in school and extracurricular activities depends on what you offer her in breakfast, that is why it is necessary that you give him a fulfilling breakfast. This will help the child to focus and not think about food in the middle of the study time.

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    A simple breakfast like cornflakes and milk is also enough for starting the day. It is extremely healthy and also fulfilling, children do not like to drink milk this way they can be taking milk. You can add cornflakes and milk and try to add honey instead of sugar as it is more heathier than sugar. You can also add a bunch of chopped fruits like apples, bananas, strawberries and nuts. Add them according to the choice of your child so that he eats it and does not throw it away. You can give warm milk that is a better option instead of cold or hot milk.

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    Some children don’t really like to eat in the morning, my daughter never used to have breakfast before going to school as she would feel nauseous. It is necessary that the child does not go empty stomach to school and be suffering because of it. Slowly I started a habit of giving her small breakfast which she could eat. You can also try giving your child an egg toast by making with the help of some eggs, onions, salt. When you mix those ingredients you can dip the bread in the egg mixture and then fry it over little butter or oil in a pan. This is something different and I am sure your child will like it.

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    I absolutely agree with the above point that there are some children who cannot eat breakfast in the morning and feel nauseous to eat anything. There is an option for such children who have problem eating in the morning. You can try giving them smoothies which are healthy and tasty as well. You can make a banana smoothie breakfast by adding some bananas, cereals or granola bars in milk and then blend it well. There is no need of adding sugar as bananas are already sweet and blend until the mixture is smooth. Pour it into an attractive glass add some chopped bananas in it.

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    Hi, you can make a very simple recipe of cheese sandwich or cheese toast. This is one recipe which every child likes and enjoys it because of the cheese. You can make it by adding cheese, cucumber slices, tomato slices and pepper on the bread. If you want, you can also toast it to make it crisp and crunchy. You can serve it with tangy tomato ketchup. Another option is that you can make fresh idlis and children love it because they are soft and melt in the mouth. You can make it with an idli mix and serve it with a coconut chutney.

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    If you are making pancakes for your children then I would suggest you add organic ground cinnamon to it. I have always added it to mask the smell of the eggs in the batter.

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