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Thread: Washing Machine Tips for Moms

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    Washing Machine Tips for Moms

    How to deal with mud and food stains on kids’ clothes? How to use washing machine effectively? How to sort laundry before washing clothes?
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    I find it very difficult to get rid of stains on kid clothes. It is very difficult to wash them as I generally put all the clothes in washing machine but kids clothes are not cleaned properly. Now I have started pre-soaking them in warm water for half an hour and then put them in the machine. This is working for me ass now I find the clothes cleaner. for tough stains I scrub the stained area before putting them in the machine.

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    I agree with you swapna. Stains are difficult to remove in a washing machine so I also soak the clothes in a strong detergent solution for about half an hour for tough stains before putting the clothes in washing machine. During monsoons, washing clothes is a nightmare as there are mud stains all over the clothes and this is very difficult to get rid of. Sometimes stain remain even after pre-soaking. I use bleach for whites and then I get cleaner whites.

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