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Thread: MIL and SIL problem, stressed out and broken down mentally

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    Question MIL and SIL problem, stressed out and broken down mentally

    I have problem with my MIL and SIL, my SIL everyday comes to my house and creates problems. Both SIL are same. they come home and create problems, controlling my life and home. They are so mean. they don't care about any body accept them and they come here for property. all the time my SIL serves them, adore them, give them vegetables and fruits and things ..okay but everyday??? after marriage my MIL used so much abuse language,tounting, she tried to make misunderstanding between me and my husband, she put in my mind about my husband's so called affairs when we were newly married. what was not true. so down class mentallity!!!!! very stubborn ppl. always quarlling with naighbours. i am coming from a very good family, so i couldn't even think that ppl can behaive and think like this, I got back ache, infections and have no child after 3 yrs of marriage. they treated me as a slave of her and her daughters. I am a house wife and only my husband is bread earner of my 4 ppl's house. My SIL also earning very well. but, always come my home and complaining and all the time my SIL describing that how "poor girl" my SIL is, she has to work, and have joint family and has not caring husband like me...bla bla bla..alll the time...she doesn't see me happy as her daughter is not happy.

    what do i do? i have no rights to be happy? i don't like if she come to our home..all the time they make misunderstanding and my happy home becomes disaster......

    sometimes, i think we girls shouldn't get marry. we were so happy in our mum's home. independent and so happy, loved and cared by our family...

    If marriage makes our life so painful, then we shouldn't get marry... why we are leaving our home, after marriage we become homeless...we have no rights to live happily? why our parents teach us to fight and when we get married the same person advise us to toleret, to keet our mouth shut, to adjust, to compromise??? why????? we are alive.....not a thing. we have our feeling.. alll the time we are supressed by in laws ladies... what is our fault???

    Why don't we fight? where is my home? who is my own person? why are we tolerating..all this nonsense?

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    Hi Heer..

    I agree with your last paragraph.. our parents teach us to be strong but after marriage we have to tolerate to some strangers.

    Well as far as your problem is concerned, if you are living in your inlaws house as a joint family, then you can not stop a daughter coming to her parent's house. Just MOVE OUT if you want to stop seeing her everyday.. Convince your hubby..

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