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Thread: Top 10 Ways to Welcome New Year with Kids

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    Top 10 Ways to Welcome New Year with Kids

    How to organise a New Year party for kids? Which are the best New Year party games for kids? How to celebrate New Year with kids?
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    New Year is Party time for most and kids are no exception. Very few New Year parties have fun games for kids. This New Year I had a party at my place and I made it sure that the kids accompanying their parents should have lots of fun too. I put in a lot of effort to make the party kid friendly too . I allocated a room for the kids and decorated with balloons and ribbons. I also made a medley of dance songs for them. I had kid friendly platter with interesting menus. It really required a lot of hard work as I had to cater both to the kids and the elders. It required double the effort but all the hard work paid off when I got appreciated for the party. Kids were happy as well as all my friends.
    I made sure that kids had a blast by letting them play freely. I had my maid supervise them so that the safety is not compromised. It was really wonderful.

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    What a great idea Dhwani! You are right in parties especially new year's, kids are neglected lot and they get bored. As they get bored and are not able to enjoy the party, they also do not let elders enjoy. I really liked your idea of letting the kids also enjoy by planning for them. I would also keep this in mind in future while organizing parties.

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