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Thread: 10 Indian Celebrities Who Have Adopted Kids

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    10 Indian Celebrities Who Have Adopted Kids

    Like common individuals do celebrities also face difficulties while adopting kids? How long does it take to complete the adoption procedure? What are the drawbacks of private adoptions?
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    Adoption rules are same for all whether celebrity or common people. so it does not matter who is adopting. A proper scrutiny is done before the child is given to the adopted parent. It is important to understand the financial condition of the parent to understand if he or she will be able to bring up the child properly or not. Celebrities may sometimes be subjected to strict scrutiny sometimes as they have a hectic lifestyle and it is not easy for a celebrity to take care of the child properly as he or she has some other commitments.

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    Celebrities adopting babies has changed the adoption scenario a lot as now people are more open to adoption. Celebrities have become role model and it is indeed a good sign. Many single celebrities are also not shying away from adoption. Adoption is a lengthy process and this may seem as a deterrent to many couples. But this is due to the fact that certain conditions need to be fulfilled by the adoptive couples. Then the age of the adoptive parent and financial stability is also checked so all this takes few weeks. In all adoption takes few months time to complete all the formalities.

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