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Thread: Planning a Second Baby

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    Planning a Second Baby

    What is the right age gap between two children? What things should be considered while planning a second baby? What are the disadvantages of having only one child?
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    There is no such age gap as right age gap because it all depends on the couple and other factors. Basically a two to three year gap works fine as this seems to be the ideal. The kids grow together and are more as buddies. There is lot of togetherness and sharing. Being not a large age gap, there is more friendliness and parents also find this as the ideal age gap as the older one becomes a bit responsible when the younger sibling comes and also the older one helps in taking care of the sibling.

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    The most common age gap is 3 years as it works fine both for the children and the parents. Parents are able to raise the kids simultaneously when the age gap is 3 years and the elder sibling is comparatively responsible and able to help in nitty gritties. There is also a better understanding between the siblings and they grow up as friends. The parents also find it easier to manage the kids

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