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Thread: How to incorporate turmeric in daily diet

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    Red face How to incorporate turmeric in daily diet

    Hi, I just read this when i looked up how to purify my blood to prevent pimples and spots.

    Turmeric purifies blood, nourishes the skin and gives it a healthy natural glow and radiance. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and anti-bacterial properties that help reduce inflammation of skin, acne, pimples, blemishes, pigmentation, and prevent many skin ailments. It also helps heal and prevent dry skin, and slows down the skin aging process.

    So how should i add it to my daily diet for it to be most effective? and how should i incorporate for it to cause proper effect and no negative effects?

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    Turmeric is a very good spice with immense healing properties. You can get all the healing benefits by adding turmeric to curries, and other dishes. The health benefits of turmeric remain even after cooking. all Indian recipes make use of turmeric as one of its ingredient in cooking. You can also have turmeric by adding a teaspoon of it to warm milk and having this at bedtime. It is a good remedy for cold and coughs.

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    Using natural herbs as medicine is a great idea. As one of the ancients said, everything is poison and everything is medicine)))) But I still prefer the option that went through clinical research. Here's an example of CBD oil, click here to see. This is a proven herbal medicine and it has established itself very well as a sedative.

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    Hello guys. I can agree with Damian. Blessed CBD products really can be a good remedy. I've read an article about it. I was shooked by how many benefits it really has. I didn't believe it in the first place, but then I decided to try it out and don't regret it.

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