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Thread: Boosting my family's immunity

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    Lightbulb Boosting my family's immunity

    I have 2 kids - aged 5 and 7.
    They fall sick as soon as the weather changes. Everytime, it stops raining for a week or it turns a little colder, then fall sick and get the flu.

    I want to make their body stronger and not fall sick to such small environmental changes. What should i add to their diets to boost their immunity and improve their constitution?

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    Hi Bharati,

    see this article of indiaparenting. its nice to know hw to boost ur family's immunity.

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    You should make them take chavanprash and make their sleeping routine set for everyday. they should sleep at the same time, wake up at the same time daily. also eating schedule should be same time daily.. this strengthens the body's immune system..

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    Try giving them nuts as well as fruits to increase their immunity.

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    Young children do fall ill frequently as they have a weak immune system. You need to boost their immunity. Try to keep their daily routine fixed so that they do not have to make much adjustments. Take care of the diet as it is very important in boosting immunity. give immunity boosting foods such as eggs, fish or fish liver oil if you are a non-vegetarian. If vegetarian, give green leafy vegetables, nuts, sunflower seeds and fruits. Also ensure that they have a proper sleep schedule. Follow this routine and gradually their immunity will develop.

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    Ensure healthy diet. Exclude junk food or allow junk food once a while. Proper sleep and some physical activity daily will keep your child healthy and also boost immunity. Take care while choosing fruits and vegetables for your child, they should be fresh and devoid of harmful chemicals. Also try to opt for healthy methods of cooking.

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