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Thread: Body Hair and your Daughter

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    Body Hair and your Daughter

    At what age do you think your daughter should start waxing? How can you prevent young girls from becoming self-conscious about hitting puberty? Should you give in to your daughters demands and let her get rid of her body hair at a young age?
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    Lightbulb My experience with body hair removal as a child

    As a child, I had a lot of excessive hair! I have an old fashioned mom who doesn't wax or thread or use make up.
    When i was little, I used to complain about the hair on my upper lip or on my arms and legs. But she would just said that it was normal.
    I had no choice but to try to get rid of the hair on my own. I tried my Dad's Razor and ended up shaving part of my eyebrow trying to get rid of my "unibrow." I eventually figured out how to get rid of my body hair. Now I'm older and don't have that problem any more. But i still wish that my mom would have told me about stuff like waxing and threading instead of me experimenting with razors and stuff. So to all the moms - I would like to say that be there for your daughters and be willing to talk about stuff like this as it is very important for young girls, especially when they hit puberty. I thought this article was great and explained a mother-daughter relationship really well..!

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