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Thread: Best school in hyderabad

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    Best school in hyderabad

    Can any body suggest me the best school in hyderabad, with cbse syllabus..

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    Hi Sridhar Raj, there are many best schools in hyderabad like Delhi Public school, global international school, akshara international school etc.. if you are looking in and around dilsukhnagar, it is better to choose akshara

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    There are many schools in hyderabad, but if you are looking around lb nagar, it is best to choose akshara international school as it is near to lb nagar and my friends daughter is studying in the same school, i am also thinking to take admission for my kid.

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    My friend's son is in Akshara International School and he is very happy with the school. According to him, the teachers are very good and take pains to help each kid to understand the basics well.
    In which area are you looking out for the school? If you mention your area of preference then it would be easier to find a school.

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    Hi thanks all, I am looking in and around dilsukhnagar.

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    You should then go in for Akshara International School as it is in Dilsukhnagar. It will be the best school for your child and you will be proud of your decision.

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    Okie, I will choose Akshara international school, once again I thank all.

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    You can also try for Lotus Lap Public School. It's a good school with good infrastructure.

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