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Thread: Telling children stories

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    Telling children stories

    Do you tell stories to your child? What stories have you read so far? Does your child enjoy listening to stories?
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    I love telling stories to my kids. In fact we do have a story telling session every night. It is a fun way of rewinding the day. the stories range from mythological, adventure, fairy tales and even stories with a moral.

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    My kids like to hear stories from their grandparents./ they are much interested in mythological stories. They now know a lot about legends and mythology. I think stories are a great way to teach kids. there's so much to learn from them. Grandparents are the best source of mythological stories. Our kids are unaware of our rich culture and tradition so through stories only we can make them aware.

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    My kid likes to listen to stories where good wins over evil. He likes to hear stories with happy endings and with a moral. He also likes to listen to stories of demons. Each night, I tell him a story. We make the story session more interesting by having interactive sessions and also with voice modulations.

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