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Thread: Activities to Help Physical Motor Development in Toddlers

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    Activities to Help Physical Motor Development in Toddlers

    How to boost fine and gross motor development in toddlers? Which activities aid in physical motor development in toddlers? How to ensure proper growth and development in toddlers?
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    The best way to boost fine and gross motor development in kids by letting them play. I feel stacking toys or nesting toys are the best for this. It helps in hand and eye coordination besides motor skills. Stacking toys is not just about picking them up but it also involves in knowing what to do next and how to go about it. Thus reasoning and thinking skills will also be developed. Giving simple tasks also helps in development of motor skills.

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    Babies and toddlers are always curious so parents should encourage this curious streak in them. Parents need to encourage and support the child when he or she is trying to do something. Spending lot of time with the child helps him or her to learn. Simple day today tasks can also be very helpful such as letting the baby dress him or herself, setting the table or watering the plants. Routine will be boring for the child so it is better to give new things everyday so that the child has a keen interest in doing it.

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    I agree with you both. Parents who interact with their toddlers have smarter babies and their development is also fast. Dressing and undressing is a great way to help in motor development. the child feels grown up and quite responsible when allowed to dress up or undress. Though he or she would not be able to do it properly but the effort matters more than the actual task. Encouraging the child during this time will help him or her in learning the skill. Filling and dumping games also help in development. Filling requires some precision and better coordination of hands and eyes as compared to dumping so this activity should be encouraged. Scribbling and drawing is also beneficial. The best thing to do is to give small chores to the child. The child will feel happy and will love helping parents. Dusting or stirring something will make the child happy. It is not all about toys that can boost motor development but simple chores can also accomplish and give the same result.

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