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Thread: Surrogacy

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    My wife and me are planning to have a baby through surrogacy as my wife is not able to conceive after many ivf cycles. Can anybody suggest good surrogacy options in Delhi NCR and cost of same.

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    There are many options for surrogacy in Delhi. Bournhall-clinic is a good option. I have heard a lot of good reviews about it but personally I have no idea. It is bit expensive but the joy of having a baby matters more than cost in such cases. The success rates are also good. You can try here.

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    Do you know the cost of surrogacy there? Btw what is the reason for your recommendation ?

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    I am not aware of the cost of the treatment there. you need to go there to get the details. Going there is the best option as only then you will know about the cost and different options available. I have few friends in Delhi and from them heard a lot about this clinic. Though my friends haven't personally gone there but there acquaintances have had good experience with the clinic.

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