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Thread: IVF in delhi by Dr. Sonia Malik?

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    IVF in delhi by Dr. Sonia Malik?

    Hello everyone,
    We are coming to Delhi for our third IVF in the month of January. We had 2 failed cycles in UK and looking for IVF in Delhi.
    One of my cousins has referred Dr. Sonia Malik.
    Can you pls give me your inputs about the her team?

    Looking forward to hear from you all.

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    Dr. Sonia Malik is a very good doctor. My friend had problems in conceiving and she got a reference for Dr. Sonia Malik from one of her friends. She was under her treatment and delivered a healthy baby girl recently. My friend did a lot of search before zeroing on this doctor. she had heard so much about Dr. Sonia Malik that she decided to go to her and moreover, my friend was having complications in conceiving but Dr. Sonia Malik handled the case so well. I feel that you can be sure of getting the best from Dr. Sonia Malik.

    Best of Luck

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    I have heard a lot about Dr. Sonia Malik. she gives extra effort to make her patients feel comfortable and fulfill all their needs. Just like her, her team consists of through professionals who are dedicated and are always a call away. They are quite experienced and have been able to handle complicated cases with ease. Dr. Sonia Malik has a charming personality and inspite her being so experienced, is down to earth and listens to her patients with patience.

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