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Thread: Protecting Kids from Contagious Illnesses

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    Protecting Kids from Contagious Illnesses

    Which are the common contagious illnesses in kids? How to prevent contagious illnesses in kids? What are the ways to teach basic hygiene and healthy habits to kids?

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    make washing hands with antiseptic liquid like dettol or lifebuoy, using hand sanitiser when on the move and washing your face at least 3 times a day are habits that we should teach kids to stop them from falling ill.

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    Contagious diseases are mainly spread due to lack of hygiene. Such diseases can be prevented by maintaining hygiene and teaching kids about the basic hygiene. Germs are present everywhere and kids are more prone to infections as they do not wash their hands and also have a tendency to put their dirty hands in mouths or eat without washing hands. so we should teach them to wash hands before touching food. It will be best if we practice the same. The same applies to after coming home from outside

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    Hello, protecting your child from the contagious diseases is not always possible. There are various disease causing germs which can spread through various contacts. Such diseases can be caused by going at public places where there are lot of people, by sharing others things and many other reasons. Children catch infections more easily than the adults and children who have low immunity system can fall to these diseases. It is our responsibility to protect our children from such infections and diseases. One of the ways to stay protected is to be immunized by required vaccines and injections which are required.

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    Hi, it is usually said that germ spread easily and quickly during the winter seasons. Frequent contacts with other people can also transfer the germs from the infected person. Schools, malls are such places where you cannot protect your children from the germs and the infected people. It is not possible for you to protect your child from all the diseases and hence it is necessary for you to teach your children clean hygienic habits. These habits will help you to reduce the risk of infections to your child. I hope these will be helpful to you.

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    Teaching your child healthy habits of washing hands, taking bath twice, keeping clothes and other belongings cleans. All these small things can make a difference and help reduce the risk of infections. Germs can spread through touch of eyes, nose, mouth, hands if not washed properly. Make it a habit that your child covers his or her mouth before sneezing and even coughing, always use a napkin or handkerchief before coughing or if he or she has cold. Washing hands every time they use the toilet or sneeze so that the germs do not spread.

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    Hi all, having good hygienic habits can help reduce the risks of having diseases. If you are going out in any public place like malls, you can carry a sanitizer along with you which you can use before you eat anything if there is no washroom nearby. Sanitizers also help in killing the germs though some people might not feel clean even after using it but it works definitely. Teach your children to share his food, drinks with his or her friends but always use different spoons and dishes so that there is no transfer of germs. Also teach your child to throw the garbage and trash in the dustbins and not litter the surrounding.

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    Using clean towels, tissues and handkerchiefs daily. Tell your children to use their own separate towels and handkerchiefs and not to use towels which are used by other children. If your child falls sick then make sure you do not send him to school or anywhere else till he or she completely recovers so that there is no infection and germs spreading to other people. Make sure your child eats well and has a good intake of fluids so that he or she stays hydrated and does not feel weak. Also take him to the doctor for regular check-ups.

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    The maximum risk of having infection is when exposed to the public environment. Schools, malls, gardens, parks and all other public places are a breeding grounds for the germs. Whenever your child eats out he might fall sick the next day, all this is because of the germs and infections of different people and also spreads through the air. Make sure your child understands the importance of hygiene so that he himself maintains it. Eating healthy and good nutritional food can also keep him healthy and away from infections. A balanced diet can help increase in the immune system and make child stronger.

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