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Thread: What are Spa resorts?

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    Question What are Spa resorts?

    What are these Spa resorts? Why do people go out there other than for massages? what is so different about them? I cant afford to go to them but im just curious what all the fuss for spas is!

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    Spa resort is the resort where you get all spa services such as hair spa, foot spa, nail spa, spa massage etc. These places are very expensive but the experience you get is very good. It is basically a place to pamper all your senses. It helps rejuvenate and refresh your mind and body.

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    Can anyone advice some good ones? I am just dreaming of a hot tub and massage...

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    These places are definitely worth being visited. Yeap, it's not cheap but your experience will be great. After visiting one spa resort I decided to buy a hot tub. It's a great thing. Also here I purchased a cover for it. Try to save some money on visiting such places. You won't regret it.

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