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Thread: How to Boost Your Child’s Success in Academics

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    How to Boost Your Child’s Success in Academics

    Why is parental involvement necessary for the academic success of children? What can create hurdle for academic success of children? What should parents do to boost academic success of a child?
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    Parental involvement in studies motivate a child and encourage to study better and in a systematic manner. Children whose parents take active part in their studies do academically well as they are guided well. Such kids are able to learn time management and lead a disciplined life. They also complete homework on time. Motivation also helps to bring in positive attitude that helps in the kid's development.

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    Parents can boost academic success of their kids by inculcating reading and learning habit from a young age. If started early, kids will love studying. Reading habit will develop a love for books and the child will be reading books and learning new things and improving his vocabulary. This is a sure shot formula of success. Besides this a fixed time should be kept for studying. This helps them to study on a fixed time irrespective of their other commitments. Also a fixed place of study is conducive to studying.

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    Hi, it is every parents concern that when their children get good marks in their academics, they maintain it. Sometimes when children do well they tend to get overconfident and lose concentration feeling that they know everything. This should not happen hence it is necessary that the parents keep boosting the children so that they maintain their success in academics. Children also get distracted half way and can tend to disturb their academic record of being good. Not all the children need that boost but there are some children who do not have the capability of being maintaining their record.

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    Hello, I completely agree with the above point it is necessary that the children maintain their academic marks and not go down and down in their performance. All the parents want their children to keep succeeding and performing better and better every time, but there at times when children think that they can do it easily at the last moment also. It is not really as simple as they think and it requires practise regularly and patience. Following a routine can help the child to be consistent in his academics. Make a good time table for studying and doing homework so that the child can follow it.

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    Encouraging the child to maintain his academic record is a nice thing but forcing the child is not good. It is necessary that you yourself have a different approach towards the success before telling your children. There are several techniques by which you can help your child to maintain his success. It is important that you start it right from the start, without much hassle and it is necessary that the children know that study is important. Once they know that they will do better, start it as soon as possible and help your child.

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    It is seen that no child likes doing their homework and whenever we say about doing homework they hate it. I would like to suggest you that you try to keep a specific time period for the homework and other studies. In this time you can include his studies and homework and other activities related to school or anything else. Once they get the hack of that they will be regular and completing their homework on time and revising things regularly will make them succeed. You should also appreciate his dedication and reward him with things he like.

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    Hi, once the child completes the homework or studies on time, you can reward him with his favourite things like some extra time to watch TV or playing for some more time. All this will also let them know that their effort and hard work is appreciated and taken into consideration and for which they get rewards. It is important that you read books to your child and slowly help them develop the habit of reading books. This way you can encourage your children in studying and this is quite beneficial improving the child’s vocabulary, grammar skills and also language.

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    I personally feel that we should not force our children to do the homework. Instead of that you can just tell him the consequences which he will have to suffer when he does not complete his work. Arguing can make situations worse and out of control, so to avoid that it is better you tell the result what he will face. Do not let your child let you take for granted as then he might not take things seriously and also just ignore things which you tell him to do. Attend all the school meetings and have regular conversation with the teacher to know about his academics.

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    A child needs a tutor to guide properly and to keep a check on childs progress and to improve his skills and to make better than before sometimes it happens so that a child himself is aware of his potential and thats when tutors role becomes even more important,he is the one who knows what his student is capable of.i also feel proper food and right environment at house also play crucial role

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    parent should give some time to the child every day and to sit beside him and complete his study on time and also make him responsible for doing the study by him.parent should not yell and beat the child as this makes him fear abut the parent.parent should involve in their academic year and help in the studies of the child and give support to him

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