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Thread: Self management of psoriasis without medicines

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    Self management of psoriasis without medicines

    Hi everyone.I am Ashish, 30 yrs old man from Delhi.I am managing/healing/controlling my psoriasis without medicines by change in my diet and life style.
    No added white sugar...no dairy products except buttermilk.....no black gram dal...no brinjal...no lady finger....no alcohol...no smoking....

    Daily intake of turmeric and black cumin seed oil....daily exercise....

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    Its really nice that psoriasis can be managed easily without medicines. My friend's father has psoriasis and he is having a difficult time managing it. He is at present taking homeopathic medicines to control it. I will surely suggest my friend to change the siet and lifestyle of her father so that he can manage the problem. I have also learnt that keeping the skin moisturised helps in managing it. Using a moisturizer regularly makes irritation and itchiness better as it keeps dryness away.

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    Psoriasis can be managed by keeping the skin moisturized as it will prevent itchiness. Some dietary supplements also help in managing this condition. Vitamin D and fish oil capsules are very beneficial for this condition. Even fish oil can be applied to the skin.

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    Thanks Samrin and Dhwani for your replies.
    From my experience, psoriasis is closely related to life style.We have to work on everyday basis to keep psoriasis under control and calm.
    Psoriasis is external manifesto of internal toxins accumulated oven an extended period of time.So, we have to change the diet, life style and mental state in a positive way.

    It will take a lot of time for sure and changing diet and life style is not that easy as well...but, well justified to the wonderful results it ca bring out.Also, for me, psoriasis is an internal body issue, so, topical applications can do help in reducing the itch or skin irritation, but, the real healing will take place from inside only.

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