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Thread: 5 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Concentration

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    5 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Concentration

    Why are some children unable to concentrate on studies? How to help children develop better concentration while studying? How to prevent concentration problems in children?
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    My sister's daughter is 10 years old and she never sits still. she is always hopping and jumping. She has hard time concentrating. When her mother asks her to sit and study, she is unable to do so. she also gets angry pretty soon on minor issues. My sister has now asked her to do breathing techniques for relaxation. She has taught her some simple breathing techniques. Its only been a few weeks but some change is observed in her daughter. she is able to concentrate better now.

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    Hello, Children find it difficult to concentrate and it is seen that they cannot concentrate or sit at one place for a long time. It is our responsibility are parents to develop and increase this concentration in kids so that they study properly and get good marks in the exam. There are several ways by which you can help your children to improve their concentration and help them focus on a particular task. Helping the child improve his concentration skills is a difficult challenge but can be done if managed smartly.

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    Hi, I feel it is necessary that the children have their own study place which is distraction free and a good place with positive environment. Try to create such an environment which will be suitable and best for your child. Make sure that the study place is distraction free which is extremely important as children tend to get distracted very easily. Also switch off the TV, computers when the child is about to study so that he is not distracted and is able to concentrate on what he is doing. It is our responsibility that we create a better environment for our children.

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    Hello, you can improve your child’s concentration by setting some goals for the children so that they focus on completing it. Setting goals does not mean that you set some high goals for the kids, let the goals be small and achievable. You can tell your child to finish a puzzle in 10 minutes or read something for 20 minutes without any break and disturbance. Such small goals can help the child to be more focused and also help in the increase of their concentration. Appreciate them for achieving those goals and gradually let them set their own goals.

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    Hi, giving some activities which help the child to be organised or setting a sequence which the child follows can help sharpen his memory. Sequencing is connected to concentration and you can give your child activities like playing memory games, putting books and things in alphabetical order or setting up the table. All these things are really helpful to increase the concentration of the children. You can also do some fun activities like writing, painting, colouring or building models all the things which the children like. You can also play the board games where children can learn to focus more.

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    I agree with the above point and also feel that it is really necessary that we spend time with our children. Parents always seem to be busy in their work and do not get time to spend with their child and also don’t know what is happening in their child’s life. It is necessary that you give time to your children, help them study and when they are stuck also help them by clearing their doubts. Children can concentrate more when they are guided and motivated. Spend the time with your children asking what they did in the entire day so that they could recollect the activities which they did in the entire day.

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    The most important thing which I feel apart from all these things is that the child should be having a healthy diet. When children eat nutrient rich and healthy food they can be able to concentrate on what they are doing in a much better way. Lack of nutrients and vitamins necessary for their growth can cause them to not focus on the studies or whatever they do. You can give them food which are protein rich, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, eggs, meat and even almonds. Eating healthy food will keep them healthy and active and boost their ability to focus on different activities.

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    I personally feel all of these activities and tips can help the child to improve his concentration and focusing skills. You can do all these things as they will help your child. It is also important to note that the children should be given love and affection. When you praise and appreciate your children for small thing they can help a lot. Always try to praise your child for doing something good, reward them for some good deed. Also important to note that children cannot be handled with shouting and screaming. It is necessary that you don’t push them too hard and set some goals which are within their reach.

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    many children cannot sit down at one place for a long time, hence they keep on moving even while they are studying,so moving from one place to another should not be read as they have less amount of concentration though they are moving from one place to another they still have concentration on what they are doing .In case if they are really having any problems related to concentration it can be improved by meditation

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    no one likes to sit in one position and concentrate on studies or any kind of work but however adults can force themselves to do things even if its not interesting but in case of children they dont force themselves

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