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Thread: What kind of makeup will look good on lehengas

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    Lightbulb What kind of makeup will look good on lehengas

    What kind of makeup looks good on lehengas and Indian outfits? Getting engaged so need opinion.

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    Yashvi's Avatar Junior Member
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    You can try out shimmery and light colour makeup for your Indian attire as this kind of makeup looks good on lehengas.

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    Go for sober makeup which looks decent. What happens sometimes is people apply heavy makeup on Indian outfits which looks too much.

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    light color makeup with tikali can look better.

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    Shweta Kale's Avatar Member
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    I agree.. light coloured make up is more beautiful than putting heavy eye shadows and make up.

    see this -

    How beautiful she looks! Such subtle light make up..

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    Yeah shimmery look can go well with Indian outfits. I like their culture a lot.

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