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Thread: Scope of inline skating in India and guidance on competing at National level.

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    Scope of inline skating in India and guidance on competing at National level.

    My 10-year-old son is very enthusiastic about inline skating and wants to go in for competing at National level. Need advise on the same. Is there a parent who has himself or their ward completing at this level? Also please suggest on scope of inline staking in India.

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    Inline skating as a sport is not much in demand in India but still there are a number of championships that can encourage students who take up this as a sport. JUNIOR & SENIOR NATIONAL SKATING CHAMPIONSHIPS are held for which online registration can be done. All the rules, regulations and criteria can be obtained online. Such championships do boost the students. In International level, there is a great deal of scope. International championships are held from time to time. From 19th to 28th September 2014, Asian Roller Skating Championship is being held in Haining City,China. Indian team has also participated and has bagged 2 Gold medals in Artistic Skating. So there's way to go.

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    I have seen many kids now taking an interest in inline skating as compared to earlier times. There is now better scope for this sport also. With awareness about this sport, many competitions are held. You can get some ideas through the coach. You can also do online search. Many local clubs organize competitions. As suggested by Sonia, you can find more information about such events. Best of Luck

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