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Thread: Top 10 Strategies to Help Your Child Score Good Marks

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    Top 10 Strategies to Help Your Child Score Good Marks

    How to encourage children to study hard? Which strategies should parents follow to help kids score good marks in exams? How to prepare children for exams?
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    The best way to help children good marks is by motivating them. A positive outlook is a must for the child to be able to succeed. High expectations from the child based on the strengths and weaknesses egg him or her to achieve the target. For children, the expectations and views of parents matter the most. Parents should gauge the interests of the child and then communicate openly with them so that they know what are the expectations from them and how they should go about. Also encouraging the child to set goals as goals turn expectations from idea into reality. Parents should support the learning style of the child always rather than criticizing or forcing their methods of learning.

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    Hard work always pays and children must be taught about this. Children should be motivated to study and this can be best done by sitting with them and helping them. Kids needs constant guidance and support and simple encouraging words do make a difference to them.I agree with Abhishek as criticism leads to low confidence levels. If parents disapprove of something, then they should find some other way of expressing it instead of criticizing.

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    Hi, according to me there is no strategy as such by which you can help your children to score good marks, it is pure hard work which pays off. Helping your child study is every parent’s duty and responsibility and every parent should do it. I think every parent should take this as a challenge how they can help their child succeed in his academics. Today there is a competitive world outside and each child needs to cope up with the competition and survive. Today the child is just in school, but what he learns today will help him tomorrow.

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    Teaching children to put their 100 % in studies is necessary and before that they should understand the reason behind that. Tell them the importance of learning today and make them understand if they work hard today they will have a better tomorrow. Making understand the importance of good marks can help them to be motivated and study harder. You can also give him examples the way they will understand like saying that if he gets good marks now he will be able to be what he wants to be and get admission in good college.

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    Make sure that your child has a suitable place for studying so that the child is able to study well and focus on what he is doing without any distraction. Make sure the room is well lit and ventilated and clean so that the child also feels like studying there. Make sure the place is quiet and comfortable without unwanted noises. Arrange a study table with the books and other things which are required arranged properly. Make sure that you also sit there are help the child if he requires your help. Help him complete his homework and revise what he has learnt in school that day.

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    It extremely important that you appreciate your child’s efforts and hard work every single when he does well. This will keep boosting the child’s self-confidence and make him want to do more and more so that he can gain more and more appreciation from you. Praising children make them feel good about themselves also and they also feel that they are doing something really good. Make your children read news and magazines so that they can also get knowledge of the outside world along with the study which he does in school. Take them to libraries sometimes and let them read books which they like.

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    I have seen parent’s today are so busy in their own work that they do not pay attention in what is going on in their child’s life. I think that is really wrong and we should be there for our children every single time when they us and even when they don’t. Even if you are not able to help your child in doing his homework go through his books, so that you understand what he is learning in school. Keep an eye in the child’s activities what he does and all. Make sure that the child eats well and is sleeping properly and is not restless.

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    Good sleep is extremely important for children as if they do not get good sleep they might tend to be restless and cranky. They will not be able to concentrate on what they are doing and even cry out of boredom. Make sure that your child eats properly and has a good sleep so that he is fresh and active when he is awake. The teachers and parents should come together to benefit the child. It is important that you attend all the meeting in the school so that you can understand your child’s behaviour, performance in the school.

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