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Thread: 12 years gap between two kids

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    12 years gap between two kids

    Hi I m Rachna. I have a 10 and a half year old boy. He will be 11 years by this November end. I want a second baby. Confusion is that now there is a huge age gap. By the time if I conceive, there will be 12 years gap between my two kids. Doesn't it look odd? I am very much confused. Please suggest

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    Hi Rachna,

    If I may ask...what is the reason that you want another baby after 11 years? How old are you right now?
    The reason I ask is that by the time you finish college of one child, you'll be slogging to make your other child give final 10th standard exams.. Isnt that going to be really hard for you?

    Right now - in another 8 - 10 years, your child will become almost independent and you will be almost free..but if you plan one more child...then you will be doing the same thing that you have been doing for the past 10 years for another 20 years!

    So.. if you could let us know... why you want another child at this stage of your life? What is your husband/family's opinion?

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    Hi Rachna,
    Your decision to have a second baby is too late but I hope you have taken this decision after a lot of deliberation. I know of many families who have such a huge gap between their children. But I feel in a way, this will be good for you. Your elder one is now nearly independent and he will be able to take care of himself in another year or two. He will also help you in taking care of his sibling so you wont be much stressed out. I have seen elder siblings taking care of all the needs of younger ones, where there is a huge gap. So don't worry. Go for it if you really want another baby.

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