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Thread: Nuclear Family

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    Nuclear Family

    Nuclear families are good as long as you have friends and family staying nearby who can help out.

    Some of the benefits are:

    1. Someone to look after the children when the parents are travelling
    2. Someone to turn to in case of a medical emergency
    3. Expose your children to diversity from a young age
    4. Opportunities for your children to befriend other children their age
    5. Someone to turn to for emotional support

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    Arushi Sahai's Avatar Member
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    nuclear families are very good especially in these times where everything has become expensive and there is space crunch. there's is lot more of togetherness and less of bickering and politics. I give thumbs up for nuclear family

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    neha francis's Avatar Member
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    i've always been in a joint family and i would prefer joint family as there is lot of laughter, closeness and bonding. we have so much fun together and the best part is that everybody is there for each other so if someone has a problem, other is sure to give a helping hand.

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    I like the personal space we get in nuclear family and closeness among the members. Not in favor of joint family as sometimes tensions can creep in and it becomes difficult to untangle it. But would love to have our families nearby so that love and bonding will not be lost with the comfort of a space for thyself.

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    i think each has its merits and demerits but if living in a city, it is not possible to live in a joint family. living in a nuclear family can be lonely sometimes as i experienced. When my husband was on a tour, my son seriously fell ill and my immediate neighbour was on a vacation. I literally had to manage everything on my own and that time i was missing joint family.

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    very nice discussion.. I live in a joint family and am content. But i agree that each had its share of merits and demerits. Each family needs to select on the basis of what works and doesnt work for themselves..

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