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Thread: Need some serious Advice...

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    Need some serious Advice...

    I am Sneha Pandey, 21 from Kolkata and i belong to a very conservative Brhamin Pandit family. I am an aspiring method actress. I recently got a role in a short movie where it depicts harsh life of a orphan village girl and her struggles in finding love. There are lot of kissing and intimate scenes in this movie which I am comfortable with but there is a scene where my breast (nipples) would be passionately sucked by a man which around the age of my father. The director don't want to use any camera tricks and want the scene to be as realistic and passionate as possible. I will somehow make up my mind for the scene as it was my dream to work with this director. But please advice me how could I convince my mom and dad about this film particularly of this scene?
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Are you serious?
    if yes, then tell your family that they will use camera trick and you wont be doing this.
    Because even if the director really use camera trick your family still will have some doubts about these scene. So better tell them director will use technology trick over there. And also inform the director if any of your family ask about it to him he should ans the same. N Tell us as well whats the movie name.

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    Good Luck.

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