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    teaching querry

    hi, i am a home tutor .. and there is a studend of second grade.
    he is having difficulties in reading and learning English. he goes to well known school.
    but he cant read and learn the things, he can copy properly though.. but cant learn answers and even cant read questions and write answers properly. he is not able to learn words. he knows Phonics but still cant read or write when asked. His listening skills are good but cant write on his own if dictated.. Dont know how his school teachers helping him.. but his parents are not able to help him too. I want some help for this.. I am not a trained teacher but a trained and certified Phonic teacher.. Hope i will get some help here..

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    sorry for the typo mistakes.. posted in a hurry!!

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    if you want to discuss with us contact us - sk.h.analysis - g - mail - pe

    Let me tell you how we would be looking it - we will check as per ayurved and alternative therapies. so if you are interested you can contact us.
    Take care.

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    Looks really interesting

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