Hello I am Tanaya 29 yeras 5'4" height weight 66kgs .This is my first pregnancy ( First one I misscarried in 8weeks) I am now 17 weeks of pregnancy . I did an USG on 14 weeks result is like this
Fetal heartbeat rate is regular 154 betas /minutes
BPD 25mm
H.C 70 mm
A.C 94.1 mm
FL 14.2 MM
Expected fetal body weight 86 gm
Nuchal Thickness 1.9mm
G/A by LMP - 12 Weeks 5 days
G/A by USG - 14 Weeks 1 days
Grade 'O' Maturity located in body anterior wall
Retro-Placental space is normal
Impression- Single live intrauterine fetus with cephalic presentation with 14 weeks 1 day maturity .

My Doctor has asked me to do a Triple marker Test . As I asked him if everything seems normal . He said yes yes this is just to rule out any down syndrome. Result is yet to come back .My concerns are as follows
Does my USG Report show any Abnormalities ?
My LMP differs from USG near about 10 days does it make any impact ?
Please revert me