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Thread: Can Someone with a High IQ Have a Learning Disability?

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    Can Someone with a High IQ Have a Learning Disability?

    What is the possibility that children with high IQ have learning disability? What are the signs of learning disabilities in children with high IQ? How to help children with high IQ having learning disability?
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    This is a strange statistic, I always thought that children with a high IQ are able to better perceive academic information. In this case, I advise you not to neglect the use of assignment writing help services. Perhaps this is a chance for a child to study more successfully. But I think that smart children have no problems finding a successful life path.

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    Berry Family Services is one of the best service care centers for disabled people. This Dallas HCS provider service is designated to help every single disabled person out there. You can join us in helping them, too.

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    I absolutely agree with you about strange statistics

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