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Thread: menstruation and weight gain for 9 months

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    menstruation and weight gain for 9 months

    How is it possible for someone to be pregnant and deliver a baby without ever knowing that they were pregnant? Wouldn't the lack of menstruation and weight gain for 9 months be an obvious sign?

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    I was pregnant at 6 /7 months and didn?t know it. I had my period the whole time as well. So how did I know ? I was laying in bed one night and a huge head the size of a baseball slowly emerged like one of those creature feature movies. I wasn?t feeling well, but never thought I was pregnant because I had my period. When I went to the Doctor?s, he told me I was pregnant. So the question remains how did that happen ? Obviously contraceptive didn?t work, it was the sponge and it was just a one time deal. Not all contraceptive is reliable. So were there any other signs before that night ? No, not at all, what I thought was gas and a baby doesn?t usually grow a whole lot until the end of a pregnancy. Did you feel movement ? Yes after that initial head sticking up. I thought I would literally bust a gut. What happened was she turned and was now head first. So it would have been breech. After the roll, there were elbows that kept poking out the sides of my stomach. I had thought I was gaining weight, so I probably dieted a little to get rid of the weight before it got out of hand. I was quite vain in those days. Didn?t have time to be that way later. What about the bleeding ? I did bleed and what it was called was Placenta Previa, when the little finger like projections of the Placenta are suppose to attach to the side of the uterus. Evidently some of them didn?t and they were leaking the blood making me think I was having a period. Perhaps too it was from the position as well close to the opening of my vagina and could have obstructed the opening for her to come out. I had prepared for a breech birth up til just before I was about to have the baby and I didn?t have much time to prepare neither. I was working full time and sometimes too on the weekends. It happened that she did another roll and was situated the proper way so she was a normal birth at 6.4 pounds. Doctors prefer you not to gain too much weight, only up to 25 pounds. I hadn?t gained anything until the end of my pregnancy. No more than I got out of work and I was in labor that night to go in, my future husband took me in. He honestly didn?t think I was in labor and took his sweet old time. I was dilated 8 and had to stop before crossing the road to the hospital. Her head was almost out by the time I got on the bed. I was told I wasn?t going anywhere and shortly I delivered. It was the easiest pregnancy and I felt great the whole time. In fact better than I ever did. The fun came after. She was up all night and the Doctor forgot to give me a shot or pill to stop my milk from coming in when I had no choice but to go back to work. I planned 3 months off with the baby and only got 6 weeks work said and I just sat down on the carpet with the baby crying so hard. So it is possible to not know your pregnant, but in many cases it is due to a medical condition.

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