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Thread: My Sexual Escapades with multiple women

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    My Sexual Escapades with multiple women

    Hi every one
    i m 40+ male married and have one child, very beautiful & sexy wife (any men will fall flat for her). but after my hardly 4-5 years of married life i got bored with my wife sexually. Though she is a perfect match for me otherwise but on bed i can't even erect... i can't even enjoy kissing her now. bcoz after some 4-5 yrears of my marriage i developed an extra marital affairs with one women (my maid) whose husband coulnt satisfy her. then later i developed one more sexual relationship with my wife's sister (married ) then again i developed one more relationship with my neighbour then my wife's friend, two of my old college friends, few of my old and present office colleagues, my mother's friend etc etc ... guys parallely m having such relationships ... u may think it's very complex but actually it's very simple for me....coz at one time not all options r available to me ... so as per convenience & availability & preference & location (some r not in my town) i enjoy relationship with eveyone.

    Actually except my wife i told all women clearly the way i m & they r all ok with my this attitude in fact on bed i with brutal honesty do all kinky talks with my partner about my sex life with others and even they get excited about it. I told everyone that i m a die hard polygamist and they were all married women and were ever ready for sex with no strings attached. so i feel on 7th heaven, with all women (except my wife - who doesnt like oral) we do foreplay, oral, tongue kissing and all experiments and we enjoy... but my wife never approve of my extra marital affairs if she comes to know. (i tried to check indirectly but she grew v upset)

    So today it's like whatever metro or non metro city i travel to ... i have one or the other women ready coz of my profession as i have very great networking with people regularly. On top of eveything I never feel guilty about it coz i m a voracious reader and follow OSHO so i know scientifically & biologically that every human being is polygamist, just that our society doesnt approve of it. Coz i do meditation and yoga so that adds up stamina and i look young, fit and handsome. I have understood one simple truth that every married men who has been in marriage for over 5 years - he is bound to be sex-starved for someone other than his wife and bcoz of the fact that men get bored with their wives so that makes wife look for options in most cases else women - they by and large are less polygamist. so in my life i ve observed that in almost every cases that if a married woman is known person to me for some long time then if i open up the topic of sex then seeing their response i keep opening up such topics slowly layer after layer and then once u start talking sex , it means u can have sex provided she trusts u and she finds a safe location.

    now my dilemma is basically i have been m very honest person in my life . in fact except this truth in my life, I have never done anything unethical or immoral, in fact even i consider this act of mine very normal but i m telling from the wordly perspective so as in the present format of marriage my act is immoral as well as illegal. So i feel very sad for my wife sometimes coz i have not let her know this and i know she can't accept me with this and i know myself that just coz of my wife i can't spoil my sexual life as i believe i can be a great caretaker still of my family while maitinaing my adventures.

    Now advise me .. what i m thinking is - after few years when my child will be little grown up say will go to colege then m thinking to take divorce fr my wife so she will be also free my child' responsibility and can do anything or get damages fr me and i can have live-ins and focus on my life/ careeer etc... do u think it's good option or u find some thing worng with my decision??

    plz be frank and honest dont give a hypocritical advice ... consider urself in my situation where i m having too many options always. AND YES I have give the same liberty to my wife many years back but she says she doesnt want that... she wants me only... i tried saying this once that i m bored and get attracted towards other women then she exploded and i manipulated the situation.. tell me what to do bcoz being an honest man i cant keep ditching my wife thru out my life. OR i should not even wait for my daughter to reach college, she is in 8th now so still 4 years i have to wait... ???

    Plz advise

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