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Thread: Not satisfied in married life

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    Not satisfied in married life


    I have been married for 5 years and everything was perfect for first year and then my wife started ignoring sex. We were very open from the beginning but still she started making excused to refuse having sex. sometimes, she cuddles in the middle of night but she always tell me to lick her pu$$y, sucking her b00bs and fingering but she refuse upfront to have sex after that and does like doing oral sex to me.

    Now i am losing interest in my wife.. What should i do ??

    Please guide.

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    Hello! I understand you, full sex in any relationship is the key to a strong and happy relationship. Between you must be passion and this passion should not subside over the years. I can recommend you a cool dating site https://www.onenightfriend.com/adult-dating.html, where you can spend the night with some beauty.

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