What do parents actually expect from a Summer Camp or Adventure Camp?

Are they sending their children for-the-heck-of-sending or do they actually have a clear objective and goal?

This question has a lot of relevance, because i see many parents who puts their children for 'Painting, Dance, Music, Art & Craft, YOGA & Meditation (the-do-the-do stuff to-do) etc., during summer vacation. Now do they actually expect the children to benefit on the long run from such classes?? Can there be any constructive development for the children in such short term camps? Think about it!!!

Another thing is the so called "Adventure Camps"... WOW!! "I sent my child to this so-called-adventure camp... and my child just loved it... what an experience she/he had.. a very memorable time... i want to send them every year" .. I hear such statements from many parents. When i ask them if the child has changed any of her/his behaviour and has there been any long term benefit/effect, they are not sureeee...

Should not the "Adventure camps" teach the children to be self-dependent? Teach them Life skill ? Survival instinct ? To develop and display mental strength during difficult situation, brave enough to face their fear? Address their weakness and not shy away from it? Do these "Popular Adventure Camps" ACTUALLY HELP YOUR CHILD DEVELOP SUCH QUALITIES ??

Your views please. The Wilderness School, Coimbatore