Children in the western countries enjoy a holistic educational curriculum, ie., Experiential Learning Program is part of parcel of their education. Every child compulsorily attends a summer camp, and explores the world in an open environment. In India, the word "Summer Camp" has become a JOKE!!!

Most 'summer camps' are Tamasha..Naach Gaana. In the name of conducting 'summer camps' every tom-dick-and-harry runs a camp and tries to take away the hard earned money of the parents. Many feel, its a feel good factor for the child/parent. For most, during summer it is better to keep the child away from home ... IT DOES NOT DO ANY GOOD TO THE CHILD. IT DOESN'T ADD VALUE TO THE CHILD, NOR HELP THE PARENTS.

Why should Indian students be denied the right to holistic education? Why should schools not look at integrating "Experiential Learning" as part of their curriculum ? There are few (very few) quality 'Experiential Learning Centres' in the country. The schools can alternatively tie-up with them for providing integrated course and compliment their school curriculum.

We as parents, are trying to create a Pan-India Survival School. Four to start with (Coimbatore in South (Called "The Wilderness School"), Pune in West, Delhi in North and ...Yet to finalise for East). Three are ready to go. Interested Schools, Parents can share their thoughts, views on the effort. We feel it should be joint effort by the society to help compliment the present education system, rather than just challenge it.

Kindly share your views.