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Thread: Please advise, very stressful personal life

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    Please advise, very stressful personal life

    Hello foks,

    I am 32 year MBA graduate and living and working in Australia for last 5 years, I got married in February last year which was arranged marriage. I was not keen & interested in marriage, however following typical Indian culture, my
    parents forced me into this marriage saying they would commit suicide and break all relations with me.

    Post marriage, the relation between my wife/ in laws and my parents slowly spoiled and my wife started living with her parents and working there, meanwhile I started processing her visa here. There has been regular disputes between
    me and my wife since we got married, which led me to contact my in laws every month about her anger, rough speech and behavior. even she has admitted that she looses her control many times.

    My in laws did not show any interest to make my wife understand and when I discussed everything to my parents, they said something in front of me and on my back they are different people, both parents are in complete favor of my wife. My parents just focus on salvaging their pride and respect in society, rather showing any concern to my future.

    I have been going through this pain for long time, many times I felt to give up this life but did not approach for any reason. I have been doing 3 jobs day and night here and living alone, i have house loan back home and my wife's visa expenses as well along with my routine expenses. My wife has been working for more than a year but she never bothers to support me any way financially or emotionally and always willing to argument without thinking I am at work or not.

    I seriously feel cursed in this life from parental and family life happiness, My parents have been dominating towards me for their choices over the years and now my wife following same pattern. My parents are old and alone and don't have anyone to support them, looking at their situation, I always have given up things on them but every time I get heart & end up being stupid person because of my emotions.

    My parents have played lot of mind games with me with their dual face which has hurt me the most. Everyday I cry and say sorry to myself for this situation I am in. Because laws every where in world in favor of women, I feel kind of helpless and hopeless in this situation even I suffering.

    Please help me what should I do, my situation is very panic and I am very depressed about my future.

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    Dear Naitik,

    Very sorry to hear your suffering. Marital discords have become very common nowadays. As the children are few and grow up getting literally everything they want, they become insensitive to others. While separation is not a good thing, I feel in your case you will be better off by legally separating from your wife. Don't worry about what your parents think. Talk to your wife and suggest that it is good for both. Start a fresh, peaceful life.

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