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Thread: How to make home-made fat free paneer/ cottage cheese?

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    Wink How to make home-made fat free paneer/ cottage cheese?

    I have heard that paneer/ cottage cheese made at home can be as tasty as the paneer you buy from out. How can i make it at home? I like it soft. And can we make the cottage cheese low fat or fat free? Someone please explain how to make home-made fat free paneer or cottage cheese at home. Thanks!

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    Heat milk, when it is boiling, add a tbsp of vinegar. wrap it in a muslin cloth and put some pressure on it for about 5-7 minutes. Tht way you'll get really soft home-made paneer.

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    For fat free paneer, you must take skimmed or toned milk. When it is boiling, you can either add vinegar or lemon juice. If neither of this is available then you can also add curd. The milk will curdle and you can strain the water and paneer will be left behind in the cloth. To make a paneer block, you need to put pressure with a heavy object.

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