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Thread: Imparting Sex Education

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    Imparting Sex Education

    what is the right age and right way to impart sex education to children? How does these help them?

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    Age appropriate sex education should be imparted to the kids. When kids are very small, they can be taught about names of body part especially related to sex. When a little older say in primary class, they should be taught about good and bad touch. You should teach them not to let anybody touch their private parts and gradually you can teach the older kids in detail about safe sex.

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    i agree with nazizbi.....i feel it may be at 12 years....

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    Sex education is very important as it helps kids to be aware of their bodies and do differentiate between the right and the wrong. As Naziabi said sex education should be age specific. We Indians usually shy away from imparting sex education and this creates a lot of problems. When a child is very small, we should teach about simple things rather than going into details. As they grow, they should be given more information and by 13-14 yrs, they can be taught in detail. This is very important cos children get information from school and friends and this information if not given in the right manner can be dangerous. Thy can have misconceptions about different facts. When a child is properly educated then only he or she can take a proper decision and this also helps prevent crimes.

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