I have a thought that if parents of mild PDD children residing in Bangalore in the age group of 8-12 yrs form a group and arrange play date for our children during weekends mainly sunday My son is 11 yrs old with mild -PDD. He lacks playing skills. He doesn't go out at all to play. I want him to realise that outdoor games like cricket, football etc can be fun.I don't want him to be expert in any of the outdoor game nor I am going to pressurise him for the same. I just want him to enjoy as it is fun to play outside different games which can kill your boredom too. If he gets similar friends like him may be he will develop an interest to play outdoor games. Other parents who have similar kids kindly let me know your views and feedback on this.

Even other children can join to volunteer this.There is lot of things in the world which we feel bad about but it is a golden opportunity to do things which will make us feel good about ourselves !!

Together we can hire a professional if required for structuring it.