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Thread: posture during elocution

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    Post posture during elocution

    my daughter is giving her first elocution speech next week. she has not taken any classes or anythin. i have just helped her little by myself.

    im a little confused about her posture while giving her speech. earlier children used to stand with their hands held together near their stomachs right.

    but noewadays, i have seen kids stand with their hands on their sides and raising one hand now and again to make a point.

    what is the correct protocol for giving a speech? are they allowed to gesture with their hands? are they allowed to hold the ike in their hands? what?

    please help!

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    holding the mic is not great. hands should be at your sides and you are allowed to gesture with one hand to make a point. holding hands together near ur stomach is for when you are reciting poetry or verse, not in elocution.

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    I think hands behind the sides is the perfect posture for elocution or it is also good to stand with hands behind. Gesturing with hands is not good for elocution as also holding the mike with hands.

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    Body language matters a lot in elocution. One should stand still with hands by the side and look at the audience. Along with this clear diction and correct language is important. Adherence to time limit is most important. all these parameters are observed during the elocution. hope this information helps.

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    Voice modulation matters a lot in public speaking. It is better to stand still with hands by the sides or behind the back. One should speak looking directly at the audience and the diction should be very clear with all the words clear and pronunciation perfect. One should not stretch the time by speaking slowly. It is very important to have a good write up to make a good impression. The starting and end matters the most.

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