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Thread: What food to eat for a glowing face?

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    Unhappy What food to eat for a glowing face?

    I tried to do the GM diet last to last week and could barely complete 3 days. I felt very dizzy and tired and lethargic all the time so I stopped the diet. But I have very dark circles round my eyes and my face has become very dark and dull..Can someone suggest what all food should I eat to help my face get healthy and glowing again? What foods will help me get rid of my dark circles? Please note I am vegetarian.

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    Leafy vegetables


    Eat lots of iron-rich vegetables like spinach, broccoli and pomegranates. Iron rich diet will improve the haemoglobin in your blood, and thus give you a natural blush. I know you are a vegearian, but try switching to an eggetarian diet. Eggs are highly nutritious, and great for the skin

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    Fruits like banana, orange, lemon, and papaya MUST be a part of your daily diet. They not only provide essential nutrients to nourish the skin, but help in skin repair and preventing ageing. Have one portion of each fruit for breakfast, along with milk.

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    Food for good skin

    Try to eat berries, brown rice and seafood (grilled, not fried), carrots and tomatoes (raw) every day. All of these have amazing anti-oxidant properties which help in preventing skin ageing, and retaining its youth. Avocados and almonds are also known for their skin-benefiting properties.

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    Food is important

    I agree

    All the aforementioned food items are important in your diet. If you are a vegetarian or are averse to seafood, try having folic acid supplement tablets. Olive oil/baby oil is good to apply topically before a bath-it leaves skin feeling nourished and soft.

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    It is often said that your skin is an indicator of your health - and this, in my opinion, is very true. People sufferng from anaemia and malnutrition have pale, sallow complexions, while healthy people have glowing, radiant skin.
    Eat lots of spinach and methi. It is high in iron and will help your skin. Walnuts, too, are recommended. If you have easy access to Kiwis (a fruit), try incorporating that into your diet as well.

    Good luck!

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