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Thread: What foods cause acidity?

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    Wink What foods cause acidity?

    I am a gujarati, so every morning I eat moong and khakras. I suffer from heavy acidity and take atleast 2 Digenes or Gelusils in a day. I recently went to a nutritionist and she told me that my acidity is caused by the daily intake of moong in my diet. I dont know whether to believe her. My entire community has moong all the time and not all of them suffer from acidity. Should I give up moong like my nutritionist suggested or is she talking nonsense? What foods cause acidity?

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    It is not necessary that moong has to cause acidity to everyone in order for it to effect you - everyone is different, and everyones bodies adapt differently to different foods.

    The best course of action is observation - cut out moong from your diet completely for a week and notice if you feel any different. If yes, then moong probably isnt suiting you. If no, then it is because of another reason altogether.

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    Here are some foods that cause acidity:

    All citrus fruits
    Cola drinks/tea/coffee
    Spicy foods

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    Dairy is good for acidity

    Increase dairy consumption - eat cold yoghurt, ice-cream, drink cold millk (mixed with 'Khus' or 'Rose sherbet'), lassi/buttermilk, paneer, tofu, etc. All of these have a soothing, akaline effect on the stomach.

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    Good luck!

    All high fat/high sugar products cause acidity. Maybe it isnt the moong you are consuming, but your other food. Avoid fizzy drinks, processed food and spices and you should be ok. If you still encounter a problem, you should consult your doctor.

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    Aloe vera juice!

    Try drinking aloe vera juice on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. It is known for its soothing, anti-acidic properties. Normally, after consuming half a glass of this, you shouldnt experience any acidity at all. This is tried and true

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    To be honest, I don't like the food you eat. In my opinion, this is no tasty at all. I adore cottage cheese pancakes and I cook them following a special receipt. You can also have a look at and it and cook it. In my opinion, this is extremely tasty. What do you think?

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