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Thread: Ayurvedic medicines spices or herbs for Clear Skin

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    Question Ayurvedic medicines spices or herbs for Clear Skin

    What ayurvedic medicines, spices or herbs can I have daily to purify my blood and therefore remove all spots from my face?

    I have got 5 new pimples which I burst and now the black spots are there all over my face since one month. Before this I would rarely ever get pimples and their marks would never stay.

    I am 25, so its not about hormones.

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    Wink Ayurvedic medicines spices or herbs for Clear Skin

    There is this ukada called maha-manjeshti which helps purify the blood. Have 2 balagutis in the morning and night for overhauling your entire digestive system. Eat chandraprabhavati 2 tablets in the morning and have some laxative like kayam churan or harde churan to clean your stomach and give you a clear face because the face is the mirror of the stomach. Healthy stomach means healthy skin.

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    If you want to get clear skin then I would suggest you make this paste using ground nutmeg. If you apply it to your skin every day, you will see a lot of differences in no time.

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